Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Away For a Funeral

Sorry to not post for a week. Had a sudden funeral to attend. Anyway, I'll just take today to write a list of 10 happy things.

1) My kids and dh are still healthy.
2) We found incredibly cheap airplane tickets so we could all go to the funeral.
3) I'm learning to knit!
4) The kids adored seeing their cousins.
5) I have such a nice job that lets me work from across the country at night, or move my hours to different days.
6) My dh has been such a pillar of strength and helpfulness for the past couple weeks. I've been tired and listless (upset about things...) but he's taken up the slack, keeping track of the kids and things way more than usual.
7) My children haven't made my head explode yet. (They are seriously annoying lately. It's just one of those phases, I'm sure, but do they have to have them at the same time?!).
8) I love our park day groups. It's so nice to have so many people come to them!
9) Going on another trip soon to see their grandfather (my father-in-law).
10) And more cousins!

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Barb the Evil Genius said...

Sorry for your loss.

1) I enjoy knitting. It's especially nice to have something to do while I sit through Daughter's dance classes.

2) I live in Ohio. I wish we could still have park days up here. We've had to move to libraries for the winter.

3) Eldest Daughter is almost a teenager. She drives me crazy lots and lots.